Android has a whole slew of hidden features which, once accessed, can greatly improve you user experience, and allow you a greater degree of control over other features and apps. While these may be aimed at more advanced users, casual users can be also benefit from them, in more ways than one.

I have personally tried out each of these features I am about to list here, and I can honestly say that I cannot imagine not using them every day. If you would like to join me, keep on reading as I go into a bit more detail about some useful, yet often overlooked Android features.

GPS vs. Power Saving

This feature is useful if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t need GPS. In case you didn’t know, GPS is one of “thirstiest” features on your cell phone, and you can save a lot of power by sacrificing some of its accuracy.tricks for android Starting with Android 4.4 KitKat, your GPS location can be determined by taking advantage of the local Wi-Fi networks, or cell phone towers in near proximity, which can extend your battery life significantly. In order to switch back and forth between this mode and the fully functional GPS mode, go to Settings – > Location.

Gain Access to Developer Mode

Many users were outraged when they realized there was no Develop Mode on devices running KitKat. If you were using stuff like USB debugging, and some of the options which allowed you to limit the activity of the processes that were going on in the background, as well as advanced options like CPU usage overlay, you can take a deep breath and relax, because all of it still there. To access it again, go to Settings – > About Device/Phone, and locate the Build number at the bottom. Once you’re there, tap it seven times in order to re-add Developer features to your phone.

Manage Your Memory

After you’ve done all the stuff I’ve just described, you will find yourself gaining access to Developer options, which means you can also get an insight into how your memory is used by all the different apps you have on your phone. Go to Settings – > Developer Options – > Process Stats to see a visual representation of how your memory is being used up. That way, you can determine why your phone is a bit lazy on occasion and which app is causing it to slow down.

I hope there is something there that you have not heard before. Keep reading to find some great tips and guides.