Jailbreaking a phone, as you probably know already, is an amazing process. Whenever you jailbreak, you free your iPhone from its strict limitations, allowing it to install apps that you couldn’t before due to them not being on Apple’s app store. Whenever you jailbreak, you’ll install Cydia, which is like a black market version of the Apple Store.

We won’t be explaining how to jailbreak a phone in this article. We have plenty of other articles you can read about it at, so check them out if you’re curious about jailbreaking your phone. For now, we’re going to tell you about hiding the Cydia app.

Why Hide Cydia?

Cydia is home to phone spy software, which you’ve probably installed on your target’s phone. Now, the spy software knows to run in the background and stay hidden. However, the Cydia app being present may raise some red flags. If the target hasn’t jailbroken their own phone, they may be wondering why Cydia is there, and you’ll be found out.

By hiding the app, you’ll give your target little to no clues as to if the device has been tampered with or not. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to hide Cydia, and we’re going to tell you how.

An Easy Way to Hide Cydia

First, open the app. Do a search and find “SB Settings.” This app is quite useful for many things, but for now, we’re going to be using it for only one of its functions: hiding app icons from the target’s view. So install the app and open it when it’s installed.

Open up “Settings.” Once you do that, click on “More.” You should see an option that says, “hide icons,” or something of the sort. You can then select certain icons to hide, and all you need to do is turn them on and off. Just find the Cydia app, hide it, and that’s it. Cydiais hidden! The key word here is hidden. The app is not gone, nor is your jailbreak. It’s just running in the background.

If you’re worried about the SB Settings icon being present, don’t be. Just hide that app, too, and there you go! Any signs of jailbreaking have now been hidden from your target’s eye.

Making Cydia Reappear

With that said, how do you restore the icons you’ve hidden? Sometimes, you may want to unhide icons. Like we said, the apps aren’t deleted, but instead hidden. So how do you find them? Just swipe your status bar, of course! It’s that bar on the top of the screen that allows you to see notifications. There, you can reactivate the SB settings app and then unhide all the icons.

If you suspect your phone has been jailbroken and tampered with, this is also a good way for you to figure out if it has by finding those hidden apps. And again, if you’re spying on someone, make sure it’s legal. Spy on your underage children, and your employees’ work devices, but not your spouse.


Jailbreaking opens up plenty of opportunities, but if you don’t know how to hide the icons, it may end up blowing up in your face. So keep any signs of jailbreaking hidden unless you’re jailbreaking your own phone. With that said, happy spying.