Smartphones, to some extent, can be an extension of our own lives. For instance, you never leave home without it, unless you forgot it accidentally. People use their phones a bit too much, and have so much of their lives trapped in there. Which can be a disaster if someone taps into your phone. People can read your texts, listen to your conversation, look at your precious documents, and even monitor your location. With privacy concerns being on the rise, you better believe that you need to make sure that your phone is protected.

You may think that a phone tap is something that only happens in cop movies, but it can happen to you. While it’s illegal and you have a low chance of it happening unless you are important, it won’t hurt to know the signs of a possibly tapped phone.

With that said, even if you aren’t rich, there can be people out there who want to tap your phone. For instance, maybe you have a jealous ex who is trying to spy on you. Maybe it’s your boss, wanting to be extra nosy. Whatever the case, you deserve privacy. In this article, we’ll list the signs that your phone is possibly tapped.

These aren’t foolproof, but these will increase the chances of your phone being tapped. Included in this article as well are ways that you can keep your privacy.

Is Your Phone Hot?

If you use a cell phone a lot, your battery will become warm. If you have not used your phone in a bit, and the battery is somehow warm, it could be a sign that someone else is using it. Then again, it could mean you overused your phone. If your phone has been off for a good while, then it’s suspicious.

Is Your Phone Able to Hold a Charge?

Have you been having to charge your phone multiple times every day, but you haven’t used it that much? Well, if your phone is tapped, it can use a lot more battery life than usual. Sure, it can be a defective battery, and if your phone is older, it may lose charge. But if nothing is wrong with your battery, it could be sign. Use apps such as Battery LED and Battery life to see the history of your battery usages.

Trouble Shutting Down?

If your phone has a delay when shutting down, such as the backlight staying lit after shut down, or it won’t shut off altogether, it might be a sign of a phone tap. However, it could also mean that a glitch happened, or something’s wrong internally.

iPhone Jailbreak?

If your phone is an iPhone – is it Jailbroken? and did you know. Jailbreaking is neccessary for most spy apps to be used against you. Look for signs of the device being Jailbroken such as the Cydia app – although the Cydia app icon can be hidden.

Weird Behavior

If your phone lights up, turns on, turns off, or installs a program without you knowing, it could mean that the phone is tapped. However, it could be because of interference during data transmission.


When you talk to someone on the phone, hearing strange noises in the background is a sign of a tapped phone. If you hear static, clicking, or echoing, it could mean that it’s someone listening to your conversation. Of course, it could be from a bad signal or some other sort of interference. However, if you hear static when you’re not using your phone, it’s a problem.

Distorted Phone?

If you use your phone close to another electronic device such as a TV, it could be a sign phone tapped 02that something is installed on the cell phone you don’t want. Sometimes, devices do distort when you’re on call, but if you’re not, it could be a sign.

If you have one of these signs, you should not panic immediately, because once again, these are all common problems a phone can have. However, if your phone is experiencing most or all of these signs, it could mean your phone is being tapped.

So What to Do?

There are a few things you can do that can help you out if you suspect your phone is being tapped. For instance, if you suspect someone you know tapping your phone, you can use disinformation at your disposal.

Tell someone who you don’t suspect via phone call personal info about you. It can be made up, if you don’t feel like leaking personal details. If the suspect knows about this, it could be a sign that they have been listening in on your conversation.

If you think your phone is tapped, you should take it to your carrier and see what you can do. The police can also test your phone to see if it’s bugged, but only do that if you are almost 100 percent sure that your phone is being tapped.


Don’t get paranoid that you’re being tapped. The chances of it happening to you are slim, and many signs are commonly explained by hardware failure, signal interference, or overuse of your phone. If you do experience multiple signs, you may want to check to be on the safe side. Also, make sure your phone is password protected and has its battery removed at all times when you’re not using it. This way, people can’t listen in.